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The Day we celebrate our Independence

4th of July.

I just realized something kind of ... interesting about this national holiday. This is the only day during the year that we (and I'm saying "we" meaning me and most of the people I know) say the day before the month. I don't think I've ever heard people say the 11th of April, 7th of September, 28th of November, 25th of December, etc.... It's always April 11th, November 28th, December 25th, etc.... I'm just wondering how and why saying "4th of July" sounds so normal when no other date is said in such a way.

And staying on a similar train of thought, I feel like I'm reading hieroglyphics when people don't write dates as MM/DD/YEAR. When I read an article or stumble upon something online and the date is typed as DD/MM/YEAR, e.g. 25/12/2020, I'm always totally confused for several long seconds. It's like I have to complete some sort of complicated math problem to figure out that the first # is the day then the month. And then there is always the problem when the intended day is a day 1-12. So, instead in the previous example you were writing the day for December 1st instead of December 25th. If it was written 01/12/2020, I would just automatically assume that day being talked about was January 12th. But I guess it's really not a problem unless knowing the exact date of something was really important.

I'm not even going to discuss the metric system versus the imperial system for measurements. I just know I like my feet, inches, and yards, thank you very much....

You probably can tell with that rambling thought that I'm all sugared up. Even though I couldn't get together with my sister and friends to celebrate the 4th because of the virus (insert frownie face here), I did buy an apple pie to celebrate this holiday in traditional style. (It also helped that my grocery store had a huge display of them as soon as you entered the store and on sale for $3.99!) But, in a not so traditional style, I had to "me" it up. So, I warmed up a slice of pie in my microwave and then topped it off with chocolate and peanut butter ice cream and a sprinkle of peanut M&Ms. I know it probably sounds gross and totally like something someone pregnant would eat, but it isn't and I'm not. It's awesome!!! Trust me on that. It probably also doesn't hurt that I'm a peanut M&M addict and I love chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.

A lot of the big community fireworks displays had been cancelled this year because of the virus and social distancing problems. But, that hasn't stopped the people on the streets around me from setting off their own fireworks. If I go to my back windows I can see an array of different fireworks going off and if I go to my front windows I can see the same. They're nice. -ish. They're nothing like professional done displays. And for the last three or so hours the "booms" have been nonstop. Seriously, it's like I'm under siege or something. Also, even though my windows are firmly closed (95 degrees today) I can still smell that smokey stench coming into my house. I hate that. It's an awful smell - especially when it's in your house. I also wanted to catch part of the partial lunar eclipse that was supposed to be happening right now. But the thick smoke in the air hasn't settled yet and the last I checked I wasn't able to see anything. {sigh} I guess I can catch a clip of it on my news tomorrow.

Ooo.... Last night I looked out my bedroom window and the moon was huge and it looked orange! I don't know if it looked orange because of that Sahara dust cloud that we were supposed to have gotten (is that still going on??). But it was beautiful!

Well before I ramble on some more I'm going to end this post here. Time for me to shower and then bed.


11:12 p.m. - 2020-07-04


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